What do QML Pathology do at Oasis Medical Centre?

QML Pathology takes blood, body fluid and human tissue samples and analyses them to help doctors make accurate decisions about the diagnosis and treatment of their patients.

It also helps people with diseases find out how their treatment is working and to avoid suffering unnecessary side-effects from inappropriate treatments.

When are QML Pathology open at Oasis Medical Centre?

Monday to Thursday, 8am to 12.00pm.

How do I contact QML Pathology?

Call 3345 3605 to make an appointment

How do I get my results?

It is always best that you schedule an appointment with your doctor practice to discuss your test results. Even “normal” test results may require further medical investigation by your doctor.

Do you need a health care professional?


Coronavirus / COVID-19

Please call reception before arriving at the practice if:

  • you are experiencing flu-like symptoms

  • you have recently travelled overseas

  • you suspect you have COVID-19 / Coronavirus

  • you have come into contact with a person who has COVID-19 / Coronavirus

For immediate assistance, phone: 07 3345 6339.